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Backyards Attract Homebuyers

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Let’s talk about outdoor spaces and backyards. Do they matter? I would argue that they are more important than the house itself, especially here in South Florida. Our lives revolve around being outdoors. Let’s be honest: most of us who live in Florida are here for the amazing weather. Backyards are not only an extension of the home, but a foundation of the property. At a time when remote work is increasing in popularity, what’s better than walking outside to the backyard, sitting down to have a cup of coffee, and watching the sunrise? We stare at screens all day. A backyard is the perfect place to unwind and take in all that nature has to offer.

I remember a particular client I worked with a few years ago who was a fellow outdoor enthusiast. We bonded over our shared love of golf and spent a lot of time talking about the different courses we had played in South Florida. As we looked at properties together, I couldn’t help but notice how his eyes would light up when we talked about the outdoor spaces each property offered. It was clear to me that for him, finding a home that had a beautiful backyard or a view of the water was just as important as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms it had.

That experience really reinforced for me the importance of truly understanding my clients’ needs and desires, both in terms of the physical space they are looking for and the lifestyle they want to live. I know how much of a difference the right location can make in terms of quality of life. That’s why I’m so passionate about helping my clients find homes that are not just a good financial investment, but a perfect fit for their individual lifestyles and hobbies.

So, yes. Backyards certainly matter. Many buyers walk straight to the back of the house to look outside. A well-manicured backyard can really change a house! And it can change the course of your day.

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